2 SU students charged in hazing that could cost pledge 4 fingers

By Jolene Almendarez | jalmendarez@syracuse.com
SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Syracuse police have charged two Syracuse fraternity members in a hazing incident that could cost a pledge four fingers.

Tae Kim, 19, of 401 Euclid Ave, and Jeffrey Yam, 21, of 1111 Madison St., are charged with misdemeanor first-degree hazing.

Police said three pledges at Nu Alpha Phi fraternity were forced to do aerobic exercises at 12 a.m. Sunday at Lower Hookway Park at 1805 E. Colvin St. The pledges were being punished for not doing their chores properly, police said.

A 20-year-old pledge told police they spent about 30 minutes doing push ups..
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