How to get members and society to say NO 2 Hazing?

by Doral Andersson

A brief overview:

Hazing deaths this year have increased when by and large we thought things had calmed down. Any report of hazing activities are terrible but death is inconceivable. With multiple hazing related deaths in 2017 the question in organizations arise – What more can we do?  Many organizations have on-going programs for hazing prevention but what are they – workshops, speakers, webinars, online courses, or other programs?  Each of the methods are great alone but E-Concepts, recommends a combination of the methods.  People learn in different ways; visually, aurally, physically, and more. A blended style of learning is necessary to get the message across to a variety of learner types in a group.

Great speakers are out there but a student may fall asleep after studying late the night before, workshops are good but a student may be ill that day, and webinars combine learning styles but none of these alone prove that the individual learned and retained knowledge on the topic.  Only testing proves the information was processed and comprehended.

E-Concepts, Inc. provides an online No2Hazing™ training course with includes 3 modules with quizzes at the end of each.  Each quiz must be passed to continue onto the next module with a final SCORM compliant exam at the end.   The No2Hazing™ online program combined with guest speakers, workshops or webinars is the most effective to get your organizations message across that hazing is not tolerated in the organization.  Testing and tracking the course offers carries an individual liability with the student.


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